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Sun, 02 Aug 2009
  • Advice on pros and cons of different careers and residencies, in detail, from the horses’ mouths.

    tags: usa, residency, medicine

    • Low volume is also good because it allows more time to read and to be taught by the excellent staff in the department you choose.
    • Now, a board score above 200 is necessary to be interviewed at select programs.
    • Because anesthesiology is a Post Graduate Year-2 specialty field, a separate internship (Preliminary Year) must be obtained.
    • How is the learning environment?Do you see enough cases of this or that?How do the residents do on the In-Service (Pre-board) Examination and the American Board of Anesthesiologists Certification Exam?Do you feel the chairman really cares about you as the resident?Is there mentorship and support for your ideas?Could I stay on there as faculty?Do the residents really get along this well all the time?
    • Finally, by deciding to be a pediatrician, you have selected a career in which you can choose to be a primary care physician, a subspecialist, a hospitalist, a principle research investigator or a full-time pediatric advocate.
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    • Iowa, Idaho, Nebraska, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Kansas, North Dakota, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Montana, South Dakota and Wisconsin. 
  • “Researchers at McGill University and the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) have performed the world’s first totally automated administration of an anesthetic.”

    tags: healthit, anaesthesia

    • Intelligent Technology in
      Anesthesia research group
  • “The placebo response shows pronounced interindividual variability. Placebos are postulated to act through central reward pathways that are modulated by monoamines. Because monoaminergic signaling is under strong genetic control, we hypothesized that common functional polymorphisms modulating monoaminergic tone would be related to degree of improvement during placebo treatment of subjects with major depressive disorder.”

    tags: placebo, depression, psychiatry

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